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"Being in Response was definitely a highlight of my high school life. First off, the friendships I created within the club & league were amazing and the memories made were irreplaceable. 


Being in Response taught me so much ... I learned that hard works pays off and sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off - some things are uncontrollable and it’s all about your response to it. I learned the benefit and satisfaction that comes with setting goals and achieving them. I learned how to see the world through various perspectives and to open my mind to think hard. I learned how to communicate clearly and properly in order to get my message across. I could go on. 


And though I now study design, I find that speech & debate still helps me in every college class & job - whether it’s presenting my ideas visually and verbally or having the professionalism & confidence in job interviews - I’m thankful to for the skills I learned."

Hannah Y. / Student

My time spent speaking and debating with Response was at first terrifying, and then later something I whole heartedly looked forward to and enjoyed.  No other speech class I have taken prepared me mentally or sharpened my speaking style the way competing with a team did, coupled with variety of speaking styles we were exposed to. The ability to communicate confidently impacts every relationship, whether personal or work related, and was especially evident in entering my first internship at NASSCO this summer. I appreciate skills I acquired under Katie's guidance and am thankful I had the opportunity to learn with Response. 

Charissa S. / Student

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